Playful Health “Entertainment Package”


Each of our fun filled interactive packages, are uniquely designed to get everybody up on their feet dancing, whether using hula hoops, poi and dance staff, or playing drums, blowing horns, shaking shakers – basically having lots of fun. These packages can include face painting, balloon modelling, fire dancers and other entertainment types, all set to upbeat music.


We provide a great interactive, alternative to the regular party model – memorable, fun and entertaining for all ages!

‘Playful Health’ Workshops


Ideal for Schools, Teenage Youth Projects, Summer Camps and Community Events

Each one of our sessions will be individually tailored in design – to suit age range, duration, frequency, ability levels, venue and budget; this is because we like to maximise the success and get the most out of each session that we deliver. For example: if it is a one off event, we will demonstrate as much as we can within the session; where as if it were a continuous programme, such as summer camps and schools projects – we would start by motivating and drawing them into the experience and slowly building, so that they get a full experience of each aspect of the course. We encourage students to DJ or pick the workshop music, as this is a key factor in engaging the student with the exercise and greatly increases their enjoyment and attention span.

Session lengths can vary from from a 40 minute lesson to a 4 hour workshop. They can include skilled toy training, drumming and percussion, toy building, performance skills and particularly within projects that last over a period of time, we hope to build healthy relationships in which we can encourage healthy life choices.

‘Playful Health’ exercise through play


‘Playful Health’ is a creative entertaining workshop for children, teens and adults, which teaches how to have fun with exercise. The 3 main exercise toys are hula hoop, spinning poi & dance staff, which are known as skilled toys used in flow arts performance. The toys produce vibrant coordinated flowing movements that are both dynamic and a great form of playful exercise that strengthens and stimulates both body and mind. Skilled toys are easy to make and can be enjoyed individually or in groups.


Spinning Poi

Dance Staff

First and foremost the workshop is an aerobic exercise class set to the musical taste of the student. The workshop teaches coordination and self confidence through artful play. We place a large emphasis on friendly communication empowering the student to become the teacher in and outside of the workshop to family and friends. The workshop will greatly improve both the physical and mental states of students and ultimately is a wonderful showcase of the enjoyment that can be achieved from a healthy, fun lifestyle.

Poi / Dance staff

Poi and dance staff are a wonderful body and mind workout that are swung, thrown, spun, rotated in a form of rhythmic dance play that offer fantastic health benefits including flexibility, increased coordination, muscle tone, strengthening the cardio vascular health, boosting stamina and also greatly encouraging creativity. They are a form of dance meditation that slows and focus ones attention. Which has massive benefits to school work and life as a whole.

Hula hoop or hoop


The hoop has evolved into a very hip dance style which is fun to master. The hoop is regarded as a very strong core exercise and a fantastic way to get rid of stomach flab, strengthening abdominal muscles, causing weight loss, burning body fat by speeding up the metabolism. Hooping improves overall body strength and flexibility. Spinning the hoop with friends to music is fun, creative and it invokes laughter and smiles as it improves ones health.

Building and personalising skilled toys


When students catch the ‘dance bug’ they automatically want their own dance toys. Part of the ‘Playful Health’ workshop consists of building and personalising skilled toys, this is a very important part of the process, in which they grow a connection between their health and how they look after their bodies – it also greatly increases the students long term involvement in playful exercise.

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